OS0084 – Window with LED Light

The most advanced LED solution on the market now. This is a panel whose light comes as close to the sunlight as possible. With a CRI of 98 and a spin in the color temperature from 2500K - 10000K you get no closer. OS0084 can be controlled via an app, but also with a DMX panel, which may be connected to a controller. The control can thus automatically change the light color throughout the day.


With this LED system it feels like the sun has entered the room. A highly complex technology which enables you to bring the sunlight into every room. The clouds are moving, the colors is changing from 2500K to 10.000K and the light intensity is dynamic and can together with the other values be controlled with a mobile device or a stand alone switch on the wall.

Control options

The luminaires can be controlled in different ways. One of the most common ways is the stand alone switch (wall mounted) - aside of that there is DALI V. 8 however not with all the same features. The last option is internal solution where it is a plug-play (the software is already installed there and cannot be changed)

High class light

This luminiare LED system is for buildings where something really exclusive is needed simulating actual sunlight, dentists, hospitals, exclusive spa's and carshowrooms. This solution is typically not for general lighting in an office building because the cost is high.

Item number Name Price
9900000084 OS0084 Sunlight LED luminiare €1706