OS0086 - Lighting for farmers

Lighting for farmers is more important than ever before. The most important thing is that the light have the right combination so the effect on both chickens, cows and other animals results in a better environment.

White Color
The “white” visible light launched naturally by both sun and artificial light sources are actually comprised of numerous colors, actually composed of a range of colors, red, green and blue color. It is available from 2700K to 6500K. According to the research , pullets may be reared with warm white 3000-3500k or cool white 6000-6500k, but laying hens should have lights with a sufficient red spectrum (2700K-2800K).

Red Color
In poultry, red light is vital for stimulating sexual maturity and egg production. Birds exposed to red light versus blue, green or white light consistently have higher egg production than the other color groups. Red light helps every hen has 38 eggs, while potentially decreasing food consumption by up to 20%.

Green Light
Green light, significantly increases growth rate at an early age by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

Blue Light
Blue light increases growth at a later age by elevating plasma androgens and keeps birds calmer which improves feed conversion.

Blue and Green light
Mixed green and blue light promote myofiber growth and more effective stimulation of testosterone secretion and improved feed conversion.

The new Variable Output Broiler Fixture is designed with productivity enhancing Special full spectrum lighting technology to provide the poultry grower the most advanced solution for 110V/230V poultry house lighting. Under full spectrum + dim to 0.2% technology, birds are calmer, less prone to run, not as jumpy and consequently put more feed energy into just growing. This has additional positive effects on both ADG and uniformity. By having more red spectrum during brooding this full spectrum lights promote early growth. Then during the grow-out as the lights dim to a more blue light spectrum. Research tests and on-farm testing have both shown immediate changes in bird behavior and improved feed conversion ratios when dim to 0.2% lighting are dimmed to the lower levels of blue enhanced spectrum. The link is due to the monochromatic LED source lighting (enhance blue in this case) increasing growth through a couple of factors. Broilers reared under green monochromatic light develop faster during their early stages due to proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells. In the growth stage, combined green and blue light promotes myofiber growth (muscular development) due to more effective stimulation of testosterone secretion.



Item number Name Price
9900000086 OS0086 LED Linear farmer light 600mm €64
9900000086 OS0086 LED Linear farmer light 1200mm €122
9900000086 OS0086 LED Linear farmer light 1500mm €167
9900000086 OS0086 LED Linear farmer light 1800mm €173