LED Lighting in Australia

At Lumega we can provide lighting for industrial as well as commercial projects - from Perth to Brisbane and everything in between - in Australia. We are an LED lighting manufacturer, focusing on entrepreneurs and architects. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to choose the right lighting for your business.

Why choose Lumega as your LED supplier in Australia?

Are you an architect or entrepreneur, and do you work with lighting projects? Then you probably spend a lot of your limited time creating the desired mood and design expression with e.g. the right lighting. We’re specialized in helping companies with just that process, as we possess the expertise and years of experience to advice through more technical lighting processes in, for example, major international projects. If you choose Lumega, you get a professional partner who, among other things, supplies products and services to cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast in Australia.


We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.

3 Reasons for LED Lighting at Lumega


Lighting is an important part of a room, area or buildingdesign and expression. Good lighting can increase sales, promote productivity and improve quality of life if done properly.


Maybe you’re unsure how the light should highlight the room? A lighting consultant at Lumega will be able to help design and implement a solution that matches your needs.


We offer high quality LED products for both indoor and outdoor lighting, which can be custom designed for your project, so you get the solution you need.

Some of our Customers

No Project is too Big or Complicated

It can be difficult to navigate the LED market, with a many industrial and commercial LED suppliers with products of fluctuating quality. The key is to choose a lighting supplier with expertise in the type of project you are working with. We have extensive experience in providing lighting solutions to different projects - both nationally and internationally. With our team of professional lighting designers, we can act as your external lighting designer.