Basement Lighting

Large Selection in Basement Lighting

The light you choose for your basement depends partly on how it is decorated and partly on what the purpose is. If you have many employees use their time during a working day, it can be optimal with strong lighting that provides a good and functional environment for the employees. Is the basement mainly used for storage, a more traditional lighting of the whole space will suffice. There are an incredible number of smart and intelligent solutions when it comes to basement lighting. At Lumega, we design modern and energy-saving solutions tailored to your needs.

Lighting with Long Lifespan

With the right lighting in the basement you not only get a functional and usable room for everything you need; you also minimize maintenance costs due to LEDs longer lifespan.

Solution Tailored to Your Needs

At Lumega we have extensive experience with lighting for the basement, and we solve a wide range of large and small lighting projects. Regardless of who we design lighting for, we always take into account your specific requirements and needs, which we combine with experience and best practice. This is how we achieve the best result and reach the lighting and design that best suits your basement.

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3 Tips to A Modern and Functional Basement

Motion sensor

Automatic and intelligent LED lighting makes your basement functional and modern. The light will be switched on completely when you need it, and you don't have to grope in the dark after the switch.

Spots in Ceiling

With spotlights in the ceiling, you can create the optimum lighting in your basement and get a welcoming environment. Supplements with light elsewhere e.g. with wall or table lamps.

Complete Rooms

Combine your new basement lighting with smart and modern stairway lighting. It provides a cozy and complete basement room - and makes the way down there more comfortable for you and your staff.

Our Recommendations

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