Basement Lighting with LED

The basement is, for many, a cold and dark room that, next to spiders and small creeps, stores everything from office supplies and corporate furniture to bikes and cars. A place you prefer is not more than absolutely necessary. But you can change that now! With modern and intelligent basement lighting from Lumega, you can give your basement a well-deserved lift, giving the feeling of a whole new space. A space that you actually want to be in and that feels nice to approach.

3 Tips to A Modern and Functional Basement

Motion sensor

Automatic and intelligent LED lighting makes your basement functional and modern. The light will be switched on completely when you need it, and you don't have to grope in the dark after the switch.

Spots in Ceiling

With spotlights in the ceiling, you can create the optimum lighting in your basement and get a welcoming environment. Supplements with light elsewhere e.g. with wall or table lamps.

Complete Rooms

Combine your new basement lighting with smart and modern stairway lighting. It provides a cozy and complete basement room - and makes the way down there more comfortable for you and your staff.


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Solution Tailored to Your Needs

At Lumega we have extensive experience with LED lighting for the basement, and we have provided solutions for both large and small projects. Regardless of who we design lighting for, we always take into account specific requirements and needs which we combine with experience and best-practice.

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