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LED Energy Optimization

LED Energy Optimization

In recent decades, both interest and attention have increased significantly in lighting, and it’s an industry that can contribute to better utilization of resources and optimization of energy sources. Older buildings in Denmark make up about a third of the building stock, the majority of which are installed with a good indoor climate for the age they were built in. But light sources have become better, more accessible and efficient.

Do I need to replace the entire lighting system with LED?

The short answer is no. You can easily replace the light source with LED with our retrofit products, meaning you can maintain existing luminaires if you want to. Another option is to get a completely new lighting solution implemented and there are many luminaires on the market, which can be difficult task to choose the right set-up for your particular building. Whatever you decide, LED is actually the most efficient type of lighting that eliminate traditional light sources disadvantages.

4 steps to Energy Optimization


In agreement with you, one of our skilled lighting consultants will inspect your current lighting system and set-up. This is done before a solution can be presented to you.


"Afterwards, youre receiving a report with all the information you need, such as calculations of the total energy savings, a solution proposal and repayment time."


When you feel comfortable in lamps, lighting designs and electricians, the production will begin. You will receive the lamps within 2-4 weeks, after which the installation will take place.


After installation, the new solution is functional and you can benefit from the great energy savings. We ensure full service during the agreed period.

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