Gas Stations Lighting

You might not put a lot of thoughts into the lighting at your local gas station – but we do, and the owner of the gas station does too, because the lighting can actually affect whether you become a customer, or just drive on to the next gas station.

Bright and Welcoming LED Gas Station Lights

A gas station has to be well illuminated both because for safety reasons, but also for the overall appearance and customer experience. You cannot say well illuminated without also saying LEDs. The LED technology provides the highest luminosity without blinding while maintaining a good quality of light with a high CRI, without consuming loads of electricity. Drivers should first of all be able to orientate themselves effectively at all times when maneuvering their vehicle in the limited space that a gas station often is. While filling their car up, many drivers like to inspect their vehicle – both inside and outside. This requires a bright light and a high CRI to ensure that the owner and driver can see any detail in their paint job or in the engine bay. Many gas stations do also have a shop or kiosk attached to their business, and when running a retail business the first impression is absolutely crucial, why the lighting has to be bright and beautiful.