LED Lighting to Gas Stations

In the past, gas stations were poorly lit with, among other things, metal halogen bulbs, which had a very short lifespan and longer heating and armor times than seen at the LED source. As halogen bulbs age, the light undergoes a color change. When the lamps get warm, they actually produce 90% of the energy they draw as heat.

Many gas stations have over time discovered that high-quality LED light fixtures offer great benefits such as lower maintenance costs due to longer life span and the products’ ruggedness, less Co2 emission and higher energy savings. Not only does LED lighting contribute to station’s bottom line, it helps remain businesses competitive because the source provides an elegant expression which attracts and retains customers as well.

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Why Choose LED For Gas Stations?


Gas station LEDs are designed for harsh outdoor environments and have a longer life span than over light sources – this makes them an obvious choice.

Save up
To 70%

If you choose an LED solution, you will quickly see and notice a difference at e.g. energy efficiency, the need for fewer repairs and replacement of the lamps.


You’ve the opportunity to adjust the light to areas where it is relevant. E.g. to create safety, make attention to certain functions or something completely third.

Some of our Customers

Lighting with Several Purposes

You've probably heard this before, but it's actually true - LED technology is the light source that provides the highest brightness without dazzle, while maintaining good light and energy efficiency. Firstly, it is important that customers can orient themselves at all times of the day, which require a high brightness and a good CRI value. In some cases, it may be the right choice to install a lighting solution with motion sensors with a switch on/off function. This means, that gas stations do not have a constant light but it will be adjusted depending whether there is movement or not and will produce savings on the energy level. Many stations have a shop attached, and the first-impression is of course important and why the light should be powerful and beautiful.