Architectural Lighting

Architecture and lighting go hand in hand. Exterior architectural lighting fixtures can make just the right thing of a building stand out, and leave the lower priority areas of the building in the shadow. At Lumega, we have a vast experience in architectural lighting and have written this text to tell you how and why lighting is so important in an architectural context.

Our vast experience within this area of lighting comes from our work with various large architectural projects around the world. We have delivered LED architectural interior lighting to world-renowned projects like the 8house in Copenhagen, where form and aesthetics are Alpha and Omega. LED architectural lighting outdoor is as important as the interior lighting because even though the time is spent mostly inside a building, the first impression of a buildings’ aesthetics is created outdoors, before entering.

There are various initiatives to take when lighting up an architectural beauty. Recessed LED architectural lighting can be used to create a so called lighting contrast, making certain areas of a building stand out more than the rest of the building. Onlookers will notice the more illuminated areas, giving you as an owner or manager of a building the opportunity of controlling where spectators and customers should look. With Lumega as your LED architectural light manufacturer and supplier, you are guaranteed lighting of high quality and noticeable savings on your utility bill.