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Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Facade lightning

Architecture and lighting go hand in hand. Exterior architectural lighting fixtures can make just the right thing of a building stand out, and leave the lower priority areas of the building in the shadow. At Lumega, we have a vast experience in architectural lighting and have written this text to tell you how and why lighting is so important in an architectural context.

Emphasize Form and Aesthetics with Architectural Lighting

Good architectural lighting will make your building look elegant and magnificent, even when it gets dark. A good lighting design determines the atmosphere your building contributes to. The cone and shade of light as well as temperature and color bring the building’s shape and unique architectural details into focus. At Lumega, we always recommend smart LED lighting when working with architectural lighting. The LED lighting is particularly suitable for outdoor use as it can withstand low temperatures and withstand moisture and rain. This gives you durable architectural lighting with a minimum of maintenance

3 Tips for a Different Architectural Lighting

Colored light

Intense and strong colors make your building dramatic and attractive, while softer colors create a more relaxed atmosphere.


Drop the candle cone on your logo or company name, it gives an exclusive and completed look.


With the light, you can make exciting figures appear on your building. Let the characters emphasize points and highlight your values.

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