Automotive Lighting

One can argue that it was the automotive industry that truly made the breakthrough for the LED technology. Both people and companies were cautious about purchasing and implementing the LED technology at first, but as the automotive industry began using LEDs in mass-manufactured cars, they slowly realized the potential of the new technology.

The Automotive Industry Loves LED Vehicle Lighting

An old saying goes “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is”. So when LED manufacturers began pushing their products into the market, claiming they were at least twice as energy efficient, had a significantly longer lifespan and a lot better quality of light, the market was understandably sceptic. The LED technology was very new, and the scientific proofs of the many benefits were therefore in the few. There were proofs, just not quite enough for people to investing in a new technology. People and companies needed more proof, and the LED industry needed more people to buy LED products to establish these proofs of energy efficiency, lifespan and quality of light. All of a sudden Audi and Lexus, proper luxury automotive conglomerates, launched to mass-production cars in the exotic category with LED car lighting. People trusted these brands. LED automotive lighting became the breakthrough for the LED industry.