Bathroom Lighting

LED lighting is highly suitable for your bathroom – both in terms of the technical abilities, as well as the stylish features. It is important to have a warm and pleasant light in your bathroom to make your skin appear as ‘genuine’ as possible. Lumega explains:

What exactly do we mean when we write ‘making your skin appear genuine’? The problem with LEDs in your bathroom has previously been the cold, blue light that the LEDs emit. The blue and cold light, of which out-dated LEDs emit, will make your skin look pale and unnatural. That time is over now though, as LEDs today can provide you with pleasant warm light, which makes your skin look genuine.

The LEDs in the broad Lumega product portfolio comes with a large number of options – among these is the color temperature. The color temperature is the option that will either make your light cold and bright, warm and pleasant or something in between. The color temperature is, therefore, something worth looking after, when buying LEDs for your bathroom.

The preferred lighting solutions to bathrooms today, are built-in LED spots, wall-mounted LED lamps and decorative LED strips behind mirrors or cabinets. The last mentioned LED strips may be referred to as ‘the final touch’ because when mounted behind e.g. a mirror, your whole bathroom will appear more stylish and extraordinary.

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