LED Bollard Luminaires

Decorative and Functional

As with other LED products for outdoor use, it’s not just about the design bollard luminaires themselves, but also about the function they have. Often, it can minimize accidents and increase safety when lamps illuminate the area.

These products are something we, with Lumega, have great experience with. They are recommended to be used for lighting of smaller areas, as bollards do not occupy so much in the landscape. They provide a decorative lighting and are typically between 60-100 cm. The is either round or square, i.e. they are thus smaller luminaries.

Bollard luminaires are a category of outdoor lighting that is typically used to illuminate paths, walkaways or accentuate the area in front of buildings. They also help to create an atmosphere of serenity due to their aesthetic design. They’re easy to install, and here you’ll also benefit from the advantages LED has in relation to traditional light sources.

High Quality LED Luminaires

We are designing and developing high-quality LED lamps based on the latest LED technology. On that note, Lumega have different designs to choose from. You may want to illuminate path systems around a residential building, in front of an office or the like? Whatever your needs are, we’ll put together a lighting solution matching the specific project.

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