Commercial Lighting

At Lumega, we provide LED solutions for both private and commercial customers. Though, it is no secret that the commercial customers make up for most of our business. We have the capacity to deliver commercial LED lighting solutions for every big project imaginable – without ever compromising our high-quality standards.

There are no ceiling too high, no warehouse to big for us to illuminate - we have the right solution for you. Before going into details of our expertise in large commercial settings, we will advise you to read some of our case stories. In our case stories, we have a collection of stories of different jobs and project, of which we have either worked as LED suppliers, lighting consultants or both. There is quite a lot to choose from, as we have extensive experience with various different commercial lighting projects.

From professional ice rinks to city malls and power stations providing large areas of Denmark with heat or electricity – a small extract of the projects that Lumega has worked on, in the relatively short time we have been on the market for LEDs. We are the proud suppliers of environmentally friendly LED lighting to talented ice hockey players and hard working workmen. Whether you need just a few retrofit LED tubes or a complete LED system we do have the solution for you and your business.

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