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Contractors Lighting

We have worked on various different lighting projects, and we are always in close co-operation with the talented contractors behind.

Construction site lightning

At Lumega, we know exactly how many decisions you have to make as a contractor, which is why we want to make it easier for you. We have the competencies of guiding you towards the optimal lighting solution. This text seeks to explain why we have the competencies of helping you as a supplier and manufacturer, and why we value a strong cooperation with contractors.

Making it easier for LED lighting contractors

Our vast experience in creating and sustaining strong contractor relationships emerge from years of work on large international lighting projects. We have worked with various hotel lighting contractors and hereby created and delivered the atmosphere to hotels all over the world, in close co-operation with the talented contractors. Hotel lighting contractors often seek an exclusivity with multiple layers of lighting, complete with invisible lights and shadows, and of course a strict attention to detail – an attention to detail of which we at Lumega very much follow throughout our business.

Industrial LED lighting contractors focus a lot more on durability and overall function, often requiring at least 25 lux in light intensity, to ensure that the entire construction site is illuminated. Commercial LED lighting contractors seek the revenue-boosting abilities of light through light guidance and contrast lighting. Every contractor seeks something different. But at Lumega, we seek to be experts in every thinkable area of business among contractors and value a strong and professional cooperation from guidance to installing of complete LED solutions.

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