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Dimmable Lighting

Discover Lumega's range of quality dimmable LED lighting at affordable prices. Best LED Downlights, Recessed lights and energy saving Bulbs. Save up to 60%.

Dimmable Lighting

LED downlights are the all-round solution to both private and commercial customers. At Lumega, we experience great popularity with this product category – and with good reason.

Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, whether it is for a private or a commercial customer, LED downlights are the ‘way to go’ when looking for an easily applicable and discreet lighting solution. Most commonly, our LED downlights are used as substitutions for traditional halogen spots. The LEDs are a massive improvement on several parameters:

– The LEDs are much more energy saving than the halogen spots. Often up to 50-60 %.

– The LEDs will provide a much better quality of light, which is healthy to the people exposed to the light – both mentally and physically.

– The LEDs have a drastically longer lifespan. Halogen will typically have a lifespan of 3500 hours whereas the LED will have an approximate lifespan of up to 15000 hours.

– Halogen spots will, by longer on-periods, reach extremely hot surface temperatures, while the LED spots will stay cool all day long.

The list goes on, but you get the point. It is not a coincidence that our customers adore the low voltage LED downlights. Aesthetically, the LED downlights will also ‘give something extra’ as most of the products of this category in our product portfolio is built-in fixtures, meaning that the lamp itself appear discreet, yet stylish.

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