Education Lighting

It is a proven fact that LED lighting enhances our well-being and productivity. For the same very reason, many offices and commercial companies replace traditional lighting with LED lighting. But why don’t schools follow this development?

Learn Better With LED Classroom Lighting for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Children and young ones spend a great part of their day in the classroom, which means that their environment should be thoroughly considered. And while many classrooms maybe have toys, educational posters, and play areas, they haven’t got healthy LED lighting. Schoolhouse ceiling lights are mainly traditional fluorescent tubes that are unhealthy for both the environment and the people exposed to the light. Poor lighting can be irritating to the human eye, cause headaches and have a negative psychological effect.

At Lumega, we have several products that could be LED education lighting. The obvious choice from our portfolio to LED school lighting is, of course, the LED tubes. A healthy and environmentally friendly retrofit replacement to the unhealthy fluorescent tubes. The schoolhouse light fixtures in our portfolio could also be pendant luminaires, downlights, and panel lamps. As a school lighting fixture company, we can also deliver more creative and fun solutions with changing colours, which will activate the children through visual impressions.