Energy Saving Lighting

It is about time that you change your old incandescent bulbs. But aren’t LED light bulbs too cold and bright? Are all LED light bulbs dimmable? This is energy efficient lighting for dummies.

How do you choose the best LED light bulbs?

It is almost a decade ago since the first quality LED light bulbs reached the market. Since then the LED technology has grown rapidly where both the private market and the business-to-business market now contains several major players in selling and developing LED solutions. The growth of both sales and development of the energy efficient light bulbs has indeed been assisted by the EU directive that seeks to phase out the incandescent bulbs in a matter of years.

When looking for the right energy efficient lighting solutions, it does often get quite technically complicated. Lumega's product portfolio gives you a whole lot of different products to choose between. Do you want the GU10 energy efficient LED light bulb? Or how about the E27? Or perhaps the E14? These products have different characteristics and most importantly different sockets. You will also have to decide on factors like the color temperature, and whether your LED bulb should be dimmable or not.

Lumega has LEDs to every need, you just have to know your needs of course. The color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The Kelvin measuring unit might not ring a bell, but a color temperature comparison might will: Candlelight is around 1200Kelvin and average sunlight is around 5000Kelvin. Conclusively, regarding the dimmable light saving bulbs, you will just have to check the packaging before buying.