Flood Lighting

LED flood lights are typical of very high-intensity and are broad-beamed, making it a popular choice for outdoor sporting areas like e.g. soccer fields. Lumega is your LED flood light manufacturer, and in this text, we will tell you about what to look out for with the high-intensity flood lighting and the many possibilities within.

Outdoor flood light fixtures need to be in a high quality, both for your and the environment's sake. Often placed several meters above the ground to illuminate a large area, the fixtures used for flood lighting are very of very high intensity. If a flood light fixture is of poor quality, the light intensity will simply wear out the fixture a lot quicker than a fixture of good quality. A fixture of poor quality is also more likely to use more energy, which eliminates the characteristic of LEDs being environmentally friendly.

Choosing a LED flood light fixture of high quality will ensure you an energy cost reduction of more than 60 % compared to traditional flood lighting sources like e.g. metal halide lamps. Choosing a LED motion sensor flood light will improve the energy efficiency, even more, making it the most energy efficient light source available on the market right now. Often installed on soccer fields, stadiums or other larger outdoor spaces, it is an absolute must to choose a robust fixture. Bumps and shocks can easily ruin a LED fixture of poor quality, whereas high-quality fixtures often are shock and vandalism secured by a strong, high-quality housing.

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