Government Lighting

Governments and municipalities are often bound to hard work into the late hours, to sustain and develop the societies of which they govern. Sadly though, the lighting in government and municipality offices are illuminated by traditional lighting sources of poor quality, as the buildings are old state-owned property. The lighting should be from LEDs, and here is why:

LED lighting is not only incredibly energy efficient and hereby cost saving; it is also proved that LED lighting can enhance productivity and well-being of both humans and animals. When seated in an office for several hours a day, the working environment as a whole is vital. Work environment means everything from having good colleagues to having a comfortable swivel chair – but indeed also the lighting.

At Lumega, we can deliver complete government LED lighting solutions of the latest technology and highest quality. Research has shown that the right LED lighting can increase work efficiency up to 19 % and generally create a better well-being among the people who work under the high-quality light. Our LED lighting solutions for municipalities and governments are developed specifically to give a soothing yet productive feeling among workers and are furthermore of a beautiful Danish design that would ornament every office. Let us find the right LED solution for you and your colleagues.