Home Lighting

LED lights for home use will not only save you money – it will also improve your well-being and make you happier. Recent studies show that the high-quality light from LEDs can affect everything from our pets being less stressed, to male performance in the bedroom.

Improve Your Well Being With LED Home Lighting

At Lumega, we call it ‘Healthy Lighting’, because that is exactly what it is. Every day, and in many continuous hours, humans are exposed to electrical lighting, which will affect our physiology differently depending on the source of light. LED lighting is without a doubt the healthiest source of light, first of all, because it does not emit UV. As the LED technology does not emit UV radiation, it will not cause fabric, paper, glass and etc. to fade, nor cause any damage or irritation to the human eye. The quality of the light emitted from LEDs, including the colour rendition, is unattainable for any traditional source of light. Colour is a human perception, created through a lighting source’s SPD (spectral power distribution). As LEDs has generally wide SPD, it is perceived as a clear and healthy source of light. The available range of colour temperature within the LED technology is huge, meaning that you can have a warm light creating well-being or a colder light that promote productivity.