Hospital Lighting

Lighting at hospitals and healthcare clinics should be bright and of high quality, so that both patients and hard-working doctors and nurses have the optimal work environment. Though, many hospitals and clinics use traditional sources. Here is why that is a great mistake.

The Need for LED Hospital Lights

Some years back, there was no such thing as ‘healthy lighting’. Traditional lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes provided the light they did, and no one questioned the lighting’s impact on work environments and well-being. But with the emergence of the LED technology, researchers found that the light emitted from LEDs was of significantly higher quality and generally made people and animals feel better when exposed to it for longer periods of time. When either hospitalized or working in the hectic environment of a hospital, you are exposed to the installed lighting for very long stretches of time. If the lighting is of poor quality, people will possibly develop a headache, feel tired and generally out of sorts – basically making people feel sick, in a hospital. LED lighting is proven to improve work environments, and can actually cause an increase in work efficiency.

Normasym can be your medical and healthcare lighting manufacturer, and bring well-being, work efficiency and energy savings along with our innovative solutions.

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