Hotel Lighting

At Lumega, we have extensive experience with hotel lighting and delivered hotel LED light fixtures to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Creating the right atmosphere through lighting is one of our greatest competencies. We can help any hotel choosing the right lighting of the best possible light quality on the market right now while keeping the energy usage at the absolute minimum. We know that every hotel’s main priority is to make the guests feel comfortable – but few know that the lighting alone can very much affect the well being of their guests.

Even though most of the lighting in hotels is turned on 24 hours a day, several hotels around the globe are still using traditional lighting sources, which is keeping their utility bills at a constant high. With a Lumega LED solution, your hotel could save up to 70 % on your utility bill. LEDs are furthermore the most flexible lighting source available on the market right now, meaning that your guests will have the opportunity to change the lighting in their room to fit the atmosphere they wish to have. LEDs in hotels are not just about the energy savings. It is about the mood of the guests, the atmosphere and the general well being of every visitor or passer-by of your hotel. No matter the size and geographical location of your hotel, we have got the solution for you contact us on telephone +4571995825.