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LED Hotel Lighting

LED Hotel Lighting

Optimize light and save on expenses

One of our best competencies is to create the perfect atmosphere through lighting. We can help any hotel find the right composition of high quality lamps. We help find a lighting solution that helps minimize energy consumption to an absolute minimum at competitive prices and guarantees. We know that the hotel’s main priority is to make all guests feel at home and comfortable – but few people think that light greatly affects the well – being of hotel guests.

Lumega has more than 10+ years of experience with LED lighting for hotels. We have great expertise in supplying LED luminaires for projects of various sizes – no task is too big or small.

Latest projects

Lumega was chosen as the total supplier of lighting for the Cityhub hotel on Vesterbrogade. The story is exciting and so is the lighting – Cityhub is one of those hotels that really uses personalized lighting for their guests. It is e.g. possible to log in via an app and set the light and the color and intensity as desired. When their guest visits another Cityhub hotel, the room will be in the same setting as on previous visits.

The Radisson hotel, which many see as one of the most iconic in Denmark, was renovated and here Lumega was chosen as the lighting supplier. Our lighting solutions ended with LED strips, spots and some decorative solutions. Their entire project had a payback period of 9 months and with wages below 2 years, which is extremely advantageous.

Other projects where Lumega was involved were a few years ago, but we have since provided a large amount of lighting for corridors in two larger hotels in Dubai. Here the focus was on the scattering angle and there must be absolutely no glare. The lighting may appear invisible in the ceiling, but on the floor it can be seen.

Lumega is ready to help with 4 lighting designers, 2 of whom are very experienced in the best hotel lighting. We can typically have the design of a new lighting system ready within 2-4 days.

3 distinct advantages to your hotel using LED


Hotels usually have high operating costs as the lighting is constantly switched on. With an LED lighting installed, your hotel will be able to save up to 70% on the total electricity bill.

Guest value

Allow guests to change in-room lighting to match the ambiance and atmosphere they desire. It will enhance the customer experience and differentiate you from the competition.

Control Light

If your hotel is part of a larger hotel chain, with an LED system you will be able to install the lighting and control the light in several different places - all with administration from one unit.

Want To Know More?

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have.

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