Indoor Luminaries

Interior LED light fixtures come in many different sizes and shapes. While some are developed to provide a bright and functional light, others serve the mere purpose of looking good and to decorate a room or an object with their light. Common to all of them though, is the energy efficiency, longevity and high quality of light.

Take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting indoors

LED Lighting has, as explained above, many benefits compared to traditional lighting. With the crazy amount of time the average person spends inside nowadays, people should utilize these benefits and make considerations of what light they are exposed to during the day, right? Sadly no. People sit in poorly illuminated offices, only to return home to traditional sources of light. Poor lighting can negatively affect your well-being, your happiness, your productivity and even your performance in bed. Let Lumega guide you through the LED substitutes to poor, traditional lighting.

Indoor LED lighting strips are perhaps one of the most popular LED products among private consumers worldwide. LED strips can be mounted at places, where other sources of light could never reach. While being for mostly decorative purposes, LED strips can be mounted in or behind kitchen cabinets, eliminating the need for built-in overhead cabinet halogen spots. More functional indoor LED lighting fixtures like downlights or spots, provides the same warm but bright light like halogen spots, using an 80-90 % less energy.

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