High-quality industrial lighting is crucial to remain competitive and strengthens a good working environment

Industrial buildings typically consist of areas that require different types of lighting and with the right technology you have the ability to customize the way the light needs to be used. With LED, a warm light is installed, and it feels natural for your employees to work in. You get a lighting system that helps to raise good working conditions and cut away unnecessary costs due to a lower energy consumption per watt.

Why the right industrial lighting is a good idea


In the past, high ceiling heights in industry were a major challenge when it came to installing lighting, but the LED technology have made it possible to match needs with the right solutions.


With an LED luminaire, you do not have to replace the light year after year, as this type has a much longer service life, fewer operational disruptions and lower maintenance costs.


With LED lighting, you get a user-friendly light that is adapted to needs and workflows. The light can respond to movement and is easily adjusted. It provides great energy savings.


LED lighting offers many benefits. In addition to greater energy savings, the employee's efficiency and safety increases, and this is without a doubt something you will be able to feel financially.


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Some of our Cases

Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S

By switching to LED lighting they achieved a saving of 131,129 kWh per year which is equal to a repayment period of only 1.5 years.

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Through the installation of a greener and more energy-efficient lighting solution it has given Nordforbrændingen an energy saving of 50%.

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