Industrial LED Lighting

Get rid of ugly fluorescent lamps and bright yellow light. With LED you get a warm light that feels natural and nice to work in, while at the same time providing the lighting required in an industrial building where large work areas need to be lit up. A user-friendly solution can make a difference in the work environment.

How-to choose luminaires in high quality

A really important indicator of whether you have a good industrial lighting is the IP rating of the light, which tells you to what extent the LED luminaire is resistant to water and dust. In the industry, the lamps are exposed to a harsh environment. If you are looking for an LED industrial luminaire that does not damage dust, water or various blows, look for an IP rating that is between IP41 and IP68.

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4 Advantages with Industrial Lighting with LED


In the past, the high ceiling heights in the industry were a major challenge for LED lighting. The LED technology matches if not exactly beats other lighting types.


With an LED luminaire, you do not have to replace the it year after year, as the light has a longer lifespan and requires fewer maintenance resources than traditional light sources.


Earlier LEDs were not used as industrial lighting since they were not rugged enough. The technology has developed since and can withstand the vibrations and shocks that may occur.


With LED you get a user-friendly light that adapts to needs and workflows. The light responds to movement and can be adjusted easily. It offers great energy savings.

Some of our Cases

Svendborg Kraftvarme A/S

By switching to LED, Svendborg Kraftvarme experiences 131,129 kWh every year, which results in a repayment period of 1.5 years.

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By installing a greener lighting solution, Nordforbrændingen will achieve an energy saving of at least 50%.

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Lighting with Good Color Rendering

When choosing the right LED industrial lighting, the color of the light is very important. Most of us first realize how important the color of light is when we grab a bulb with a bright yellow light that creates everything but good mood. We often know this kind of light from the industry, but it doesn't have to be that way. Today, LED light is an obvious choice for industrial areas because it has a warm and natural color rendering and today it is optimized so it is repellent to the harsh environment of the industry.