LED Lighting

Lumega has always worked with lighting within LED technology and know which a complex area it is. LED is rapidly evolving and is the lighting of the future. It offers countless benefits compared to traditional lighting such as halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and incandescent bulbs.

At Lumega we try to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering high quality LED products and lighting solutions. We pay attention to the detail, and take pride in offering exclusive lamps with a touch of minimalist design.

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4 Significant Benefits of LED Lighting


LED is a very robust lamp and can be used almost anywhere. Due its ruggedness also minimizes maintenance cost and the need of replacing.


LED also reduces CO2 emissions due to reduction in energy costs. It will have a positive impact on the environment and the sustainability.

Save up
To 70%

The typical life span is 50,000 hours, which is significantly higher than other light sources. If you choose lamps with sensors or dimming, it will save you more on your electricity bill.


With LED light you will get lighting that will ensure you in the future. The LED solution has an attractive repayment period and will have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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How do we ensure that the quality we promise is the quality we deliver?

There is no simple way to test the quality of an LED bulb. We do it properly and are extremely careful with the development of our products. In the final phase of the development process, we send the products to an impartial organization, which tests and checks these on several parameters. These thorough tests are carried out by organizations like the Technological Institute of Denmark, which explains - there is no easy way to test LEDs. Researchers will expose the LED fixture to things like extreme cold and hot temperatures, while examining the fixture’s reaction. The tests will also determine the quality of the light and give an estimated lifespan.

We make sure that these tests are carried out on every single one of our products, to ensure you the highest possible quality. The tests mean that when we refer to our products as ‘rugged’, ‘energy efficient’ or ‘of high quality of light’, we have an unbiased organization’s word for it, not just our own.