LED Lighting Agriculture

Are you consider replacing the old lighting system but have doubts about which positive impact LED can do for operation, work environment and climate? Would it be more profitable to replace old fluorescent lamps at all?

The answer is yes.

The decision is about much more than your choice of light. When choosing the right lighting for agriculture, there many aspects you need to take into consideration in order to choose a high quality lighting solution matched your needs, is energy-efficient and will minimize electricity consumption long-term.

Why is LED lighting a good solution for agriculture?

There are many benefits replacing your old fluorescent lamps with LED lighting. Before switching to LED, we recommend that you consider some of these conditions that may affect the work environment and animal welfare. There’s good evidence that pig’s eyes aren’t adapted to extremely bright light but suited better for a darker and dimmed light during day and night hours. This means, that high-intensity lighting like spotlights should be avoided. A good color rendering will make it easier to assess the freshness of the feed and the general condition of the animal. A more pleasant light will also make the employees work more efficiently and undisturbed the many hours they’re spending in the stables.

A study by the Danish Energy Agency shows that one of the biggest advantages farmers who already have installed LEDs experiences are energy-efficiency. This is due, among other things that you’ll save approx. 60% on energy consumption compared to other lighting sources and it will need less maintenance too. Most LED solutions are typically available with a dimmed concept. If you choose to have such a solution implemented, it can help minimize energy consumption and have a positive impact on the animals’ well-being avoiding these animals get stress by constant lighting.

LED lighting sources use less power and have a much longer lifetime than for example an ordinary fluorescent lamp. When installing a LED solution you will not only minimize your energy-level but it will also be a more profitable solution.

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