LED Agricultural Lighting

Want to replace your existing lighting installation? Do you wonder what LED sources offers and exactly does for operation and work environment? The decision is about much more than your choice of light. Before you are replacing old lighting in agriculture there are many aspects you need take into consideration in order to choose a high-quality solution.

4 Benefits to Create better Conditions in Agriculture

Useful Yield

Studies show that staff and animal welfare can benefit from installations with optimized lux levels through the LED technology.


The light source’s possibilities and great savings with e.g. intelligent control justify the use of LED. The right lighting pay itself.

Save up
to 60%

Lamps require a certain degree of ruggedness and LED will minimize maintenance and replacement. Save up to 60% on energy consumption.

Efficient Source

LED use less power and have a longer lifespan thanfluorescent tubes. If you switch to LED it gives your savings on electricity consumption.


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Choose the Right Lighting Supplier

It's important to choose the right lighting solution consisting of high-quality luminaires that’s tailored to your needs. An energy optimized
solution which minimize costs as much as possible requires a lighting supplier who understands you, your business and project.

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