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LED lighting Frederikshavn

We supply all conceivable LED products and lighting systems to customers in Frederikshavn and the surrounding area. With our wide range, we have everything from simple retrofit LED tubes to more complicated LED installation products. We are always ready to provide both the products and competent advice for you and your project.

We specialize in LED lighting for indoor use. We especially make LED kitchen spots a virtue out of marketing and selling to Danish amateur chefs, who wear and haul a homemade meal for the family every night. Few people know that the lighting in the kitchen is extremely important. First and foremost because we Danes spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen – preferably as much as 6 to 8 hours a week. Poor quality light can cause headaches and irritated eyes. But the lighting in the kitchen is also important because it directly affects how your food appears and looks. The lighting also affects your appetite. Poor quality light will make your food look dull and dull. Here, high-quality light is of course preferable, so that your food looks delicious and inviting, and so that you can endure standing in the kitchen for a longer time.

By choosing LED kitchen lighting from Lumega, you will experience the following benefits:
* Better lit work area.
* Better light quality which makes you happier.
* Food that looks better and more appetizing.
* Lower energy consumption and thus a cheaper electricity bill.
* Less maintenance as LEDs last at least 20% longer than your current lighting.

We are always ready to provide advice and guidance for your next lighting project – whether it is in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Then contact us today on telephone +45 71 99 58 25

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