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What bulbs emit the best LED light?

LED bulbs are the perfect energy-saving substitutes for traditional light sources like halogen spots or incandescent bulbs. But how do you choose the best LED bulbs? And is there such a product as the ‘best bulb’ on the market? Lumega are here to tell you.

There are a lot of different LED bulbs on the market right now – and a lot of LED light bulb manufacturers as well. Even us at Lumega will have difficulties narrowing the market down to one single bulb – but let’s give it a go. Just before you go on a ‘best LED bulb hunt’, you will have to know the type of socket you are looking to put a bulb in. There is the E27 socket, the E14 socket, and the GU10 socket, know you socket, before searching the market.

We though hope to shorten your market search, as we have products applicable to most socket types on the market right now. You will also have to decide the color rendition and the color temperature. To the color temperature, there is a memorizing rule saying that the higher you go in Kelvin units, the colder light you get. The aforementioned GU10 LED spot, can provide you with either 2700K, 3000K or 4000K in color temperature. It is also dimmable, and the perfect replacement for the traditional halogen spot and a drastic 90 % more energy saving. The GU10 is one of Normasym’s most popular products, which isn’t weird as the light quality is seriously good. So if you have a GU10 socket, then the GU10 LED spot will be ‘the best bulb for you’. Sadly, we cannot give you a ‘best bulb’ for every socket type, but now you know what to look for. We want to be your LED lighting dealer!

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