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Lighting for Nursing Homes

LED Lighting for nursing homes

Did you know that light has a biological effect on human beings? Science shows that our circadian rhythm can be disturbed by artificial lighting and it can have a negative impact on our health and well-being.

You probably know it yourself. You notice your mood changing if the sun shines instead of raining. The same applies with lighting that affects much more than you could ever imagine. What is the solution? LED can remedy these negative effects.

Why is LED lighting a great solution for nursing homes?

The employees at the Danish nursing homes put a lot of effort into giving the residents a homely feeling but conditions must be optimal if this vision should be fulfilled. In fact, research shows that LEDs can improve the life quality of the elderly and have a positive effect on the work environment.

One of the options is to choose circadian lighting. It is a strategic lighting concept that is designed to regulate the light in relation to the rhythm of the day, which has a positive influence on human health, insomnia, productivity and much more. This means that the residents are not constantly exposed to a monotonous, bright light, but brightness and the color rendering can be manually adjusted throughout the day and are adapted to specific situations.
What are the benefits of circadian lighting?

LED lighting has both environmental and economic advantages due to minimal maintenance and longer lifetime compared to other lighting sources. At the same time, nursing homes will be able to offer the best conditions. We give you our suggestions on which other benefits you can achieve with LED below:

Denmark is a market leader in circadian rhythms and several studies show that residents in nursing homes feel a marked difference in quality of life. It has a great importance on people’s sleep rhythm, level of activity, eating patterns and the feeling of satisfaction. All in all, circadian lighting will contribute to maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm, thus enhancing the residents’ quality of life.

It is not just the residents who will benefit from this kind of LED lighting. In particular, employees will notice a difference when they work during night hours. Employees are more productive, have a higher energy level and produce the least possible sleep hormone and will experience less tiredness using a LED solution as circadian lighting.

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