Residential Lighting

Manufacturing and delivering residential outdoor LED lighting is no walk in the park. People living in a residential area should be able to walk their dog in the evening, following a clearly illuminated path. But while the fixtures should be powerful, they should also be energy-saving and robust.


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The Requirements of LED Residential Lighting

The residents’ safety is, of course, top priority, when lighting up a residential area. Paths and parks should be illuminated to an extent, where people can move around safely during the late hours. This requires residential LED lighting fixtures of a certain power and brightness, as they often have to illuminate a large area from a great height, e.g. from a lamppost.
The municipalities do also have something to say, as they are often the final decision-makers. While the residents’ safety is also the main priority for the municipalities, cost-saving considerations do often show to rank quite high as well. Being a residential lighting supplier, you will, therefore, have to deliver a solution that is bright and powerful, while still energy-saving. As a supplier, one furthermore has to consider the great risk of vandalism towards the fixtures. Every residential area has their bullies. LED fixtures will meet all of the above requirements. They are powerful, energy saving and robust to an extent, where they are almost repellent to vandalism and rough environments.

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