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LED Lighting Singapore

Lumega - Singapore's leading manufacturer and supplier of interior and exterior LED lighting for residential, commercial and industrial building applications.

We are a global market leader and provide energy-efficient lighting solutions in across Singapore. We specialise in indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Call Now!

LED Lighting Singapore

We know through years of experience with professional lighting projects that finding the just right LED solution can be a difficult task for contractors and architects. We have therefore specialised in planning the right LED lighting solution to building projects, making Lumega your contractor and architectural lighting company of choice in Singapore.

Lumega Lighting for Residential, Industrial & Commercial Projects in Singapore

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor lighting provider in Singapore, we have the competencies and experience to help and guide you through your project. Our work with contractors and architects on international projects of various sizes has shown just how complex a construction process is. This is why we have specialised in making the process of choosing LED lighting much easier, enabling the professionals behind a construction process to focus on other important matters. This service of ours is especially relevant in Singapore with new and exclusive buildings and renovating projects everywhere you look.

We at Lumega believe that we qualify as being your professional LED lamp manufacturer, supplier & designer in Singapore. Our LED products are of minimalistic Scandinavian design, making them highly suitable for bar, club, restaurant and hotel lighting. We also have a vast experience in delivering LED office and workspace lighting, which is proven to improve work efficiency and general work environment. With professional and educated lighting designers working in-house at the Lumega headquarters, we can plan the just right solution for your project. Our lighting design service is free of charge, meaning that you are ensured to get the right solution the first time you order from us.

Does this sound good to you? We are always ready to help and guide you through your project. Contact with us today and learn about the possibilities with Lumega LED lighting.

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