The market for commercial office lighting solutions has for a long period of time been dominated by fluorescent tubes – but the old fluorescent tubes have now met their superior: LED office lighting. Is it really worth changing do?

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4 steps to Energy Savings


First meeting where Lumega is presented. Focus is on your business, projects and needs. We make notes along the way - in the case of new buildings, we need solid drawings.


You receive a complete lighting design, energy calculations, offers and selected lighting products that perfectly match the project and the desired mood.


When you feel comfortable in lamps, lighting designs and electricians, the production will begin. You will eceive the lamps within 2-4 weeks, after which the installation will take place.


After installation, the new solution is functional and you can benefit from the great energy savings. We ensure full service during the agreed period.

Some of our Cases

Union and unemployment fund ASE

Ase installed a complete LED system with lower maintenance costs and an energy saving of no less than 50%.

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The Municipality of Kolding

The municipality chose a total solution. The desire was an energy efficient solution that provided healthy working light to the employees.

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