Office Lighting

The market for commercial office lighting solutions has for a long period of time been dominated by fluorescent tubes – but the old fluorescent tubes have now met their superior: LED office lighting. Is it really worth changing do? Yes! And here’s why.

The benefits of office LED lighting

The market for office lighting, and lighting solutions, in general, is facing a paradigm shift. With a little help from the EU directive, declaring to phase out the old incandescent technology, the LED technology is thought to revolutionize the lighting market. There are already countless products on the market for office lighting, which can replace the out-dated incandescent and fluorescent products; the old incandescent bulbs can be changed to LED light bulbs for the office and also built-in LED office ceiling lights is available, to name a few.

If you replace your incandescent bulbs to a Lumega lighting solution, drastic energy savings will appear on your next energy bill. The LED lighting will actually save you around 15-20 % if you change from fluorescent tubes. LED lighting does also have significantly higher light quality, meaning that if you install LED office lighting fixtures, the overall working environment will be improved. Employers working in LED light has shown to be less tense, avoid headaches and in general feel more well, causing an increase in their work efficiency. The benefits do not stop there, as the LED lighting solutions have an incredibly long lifetime and thereby require a lot less maintenance than the old incandescent and fluorescent products. LED technology is the future of lighting, even for offices, and that is quite understandable considering that list of benefits.