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Office Lighting

Effective office lighting creates the desired effect - higher productivity and better working conditions

“Commercial office lighting was previously dominated by fluorescent lamps because there was doubt as to whether LED was worth both resources and investment. LED lighting can advantageously be implemented in office to create the best possible environment for employees, while at the same time the company will be able to minimize maintenance costs. It has been shown, that precisely this type of lighting can improve the quality of the workplace, which is clearly seen in productivity and employee well-being. With Lumegas office lighting you will be able to get customized solutions for the benefit of people. By the right combination of sustainable solutions and the opportunities for energy savings, the value of the building can be increased as well.”

Why is right office light a good solution?

Less waste

You can save up to 70% on your electricity bill with an efficient lighting installation for office environments - thus a much lower energy consumption.

Smart control

With intelligent lighting systems, such as office lighting, you create value and allow employees to customize the light to work requirements.

Effective work

Several analyzes show that you can increase the work efficiency of your employees up to 19% with LEDs, because this light source contains more colors.


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