Panel Lighting

Panel lighting is essentially surface mounted lights, which can be integrated into the ceiling, mounted on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. LED panel lighting is on the rise, and it is no wonder. Panel lighting gives a clean and stylish look and does not look like any other fixture.

Panel lighting - A great and economical alternative to expensive tube lighting in offices, cafes, and hotels

Square or round LED panel lights appears as if it was an actual part of the ceiling. The high-quality Samsung LEDs in a panel from Lumega ensures an even light diffusion and an overall comfortable light, making it applicable and highly suitable for offices, hallways and etc. LED panel light fixtures are no different from other LED fixtures in terms of quality of light, lifespan, and energy efficiency. The available panel lights in the Lumega product portfolio are delivered with the latest Samsung LEDs, making it incredibly energy efficient and long-lasting. LED panel lights are a great substitute for traditional fluorescent tubes, as the panels will give you a significantly better quality of light while saving you up to 60 % in energy usage. With a total height of just 10mm, the LED panels in the Lumega portfolio are easy to install, as they do not require a reconfiguration of ceiling depth or isolation.