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LED Park Lamps

Park lights to cities provide innovative lights that creates safety and visual comfort

We often see that park lights become the preferred choice for lighting large areas. Park lighting is significantly more powerful than bollard lights and is typically placed 3-4 meters above the ground which means the light gets evenly distributed. It creates a cozy environment and illuminates a large field but these lamps are designed with a higher lifespan than traditional light sources and one of the reasons why they are extremely energy efficient and helps reducing Co2 emissions.


Why are the right park lights important for your lighting?

The traditional bollard lights have typically been used as park lighting, but the development shows that LED light sources are reinforcing on several parameters and therefore more municipalities as well as companies implementing LED lamps. If you choose to have park lights with LED technology installed, you will experience lower maintenance costs. This is in great contrast to ordinary street lamps and light poles, which require more in operation, maintenance and labor in connection with replacement. Beautiful park lamps that illuminate lighting systems and larger areas with a warm and natural light make it possible to enjoy city life – even when it is dark.

We supply light fixtures for purposes like parks, urban environments, paths, beach areas and public spaces.

LED for parks make the difference because it

Creates safety

The right lighting in parks or nearby paths will make more people want to walk in the park when safety are in order, due to the better quality of LED lights.

Provides comfort

"LED lighting can help create an exciting and inspiring urban space, which should help attract and strengthen peoples cohesion and quality of life."

Gives savings

Lighting solutions created for parks can provide energy savings and a minimal maintenance. Attractive for both electricity bill and climate impact.

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