Private Lighting

Using LEDs to light up your private home, leaves you with a wide range of possibilities. LEDs can replace the halogen spots in your bathroom and the incandescent bulbs in your living room – and furthermore save you a lot of money.

Best Private LED Light Lamp Manufacturer & Supplier

Lumega is a business-2-business company, selling large-scale LED lighting solutions to companies and organizations internationally. But due to a large demand from private consumers, we work hard to establish private distributors of our products on an international level. This means that we are your private LED light suppliers and that we are able to deliver small-scale LED solutions to your kitchen or bathroom.

We want to be the best private LED light lamp supplier on an international level, just as we consider ourselves on the commercial market. Supplying private customers with LED products will not require any changes to our current portfolio. We wish to offer private customers the same wide range of high-quality LED products, as we do to businesses and organizations.

We want to provide our products to any customer, regardless of the geographical location. But we cannot compromise our attention to detail and quality, which means that the future distributors need to have the same quality-orientation. It has proven to be more difficult than first expected to find qualified distributors, but we will not give up until we are the preferred private LED supplier of choice.