LED Residential Lighting

Although traditional light sources will often be a cheaper solution in the budget here and now, you will gain far more benefits from an LED system. We often see that choosing the greener solution give greater savings on several parameters.

Lighting is often an undervalued item in new construction or renovation projects. There are many options for how your lighting should be composed and it depends entirely on your needs, its function and final result.

Take advantage of great savings - LED systems with sensors

Construction projects - whether it's newbuilding or larger renovation projects - are in great growth, especially in the big cities. You can advantageously think of LED in your future construction project, precisely because you have the opportunity to get a customized lighting solution that is adapted to the specific project.

It can be really relevant with a LED lighting solution in construction projects for example in corridors, where you can customize the length of the luminaire. To get a more comfortable lighting we recommend that you're getting the length of the LED product adapted to one luminaire instead of several ones. Lumega has really good experience with delivering LED systems with a sensor. A sensor that will regulate the light when there is activity in the room, which gives you a huge energy-saving solution with intelligence control.

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