Restaurant/Bar Lighting

Imagine that you are in a restaurant: The food is amazing and the cocktails are just the way you prefer them – but do you give any notice to the lighting? Probably not, but the lighting in bars and restaurants have a lot to say about the atmosphere and your impression of the experience.

Set the Perfect Atmosphere in Restaurants with LED
When designing a bar or restaurant, there are a large number of decisions that need to be made to ensure that customers get the best possible experience. Most often it is the details that make the big impression. Especially with LED lighting, you have a myriad of opportunities to give your customers just the right and extremely important positive first impression.

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3 Ways of Create the Perfect Atmosphere


The best LED lighting for both restaurants and bars is a warm and subdued atmosphere. Effect and decorative lighting help create and personalize your lighting style.


The ceiling lighting is typically a suspended lamp, or a discreetly built-in spot. These have the power to illuminate a larger area with just a few fixtures, without dazzling.


Spot lighting is used to highlight a particular feature or architecture of the restaurant / bar. It can include LED lights from floors, walls or columns.

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