Restaurant/Bar Lighting

Imagine that you are in a restaurant: The food is amazing and the cocktails are just the way you prefer them – but do you give any notice to the lighting? Probably not, but the lighting in bars and restaurants have a lot to say about the atmosphere and your impression of the experience.

Set The Perfect Atmosphere With LED Restaurant and Bar Lighting

When designing a restaurant or bar, you have a great number of opportunities to give the customers an unforgettable experience. Often it is the small details that make the big impression. Especially with LEDs, you are faced with many opportunities that will have a positive influence on the customer experience.

The best LED light for restaurants and bars is warm and dimmed. Restaurant LED ceiling lights could be in the shape of either a pendant lamp or a downlight spot. These will have the power to illuminate a large area, e.g. the entire dining area, with just a few fixtures, without getting too bright or blinding the eating customers. Important to ensure when lighting up a bar or a restaurant, is to take care of the very basics. Because even though the lighting should be dimmed and comfy, the way to the bathroom, steps, ramps, corners and etc. has to be completely illuminated, to secure the safety of the customers.