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Restaurant Lighting

The right restaurant lighting will play a big part to creating great customer experience

When you go out and enjoy a good dinner, you may not notice the lighting, but as a restaurant owner, this is something you probably have focus on. LED, as restaurant lighting, has many benefits that you can get the maximum yield from if you choose the right solution.

In the past, lighting design for restaurants often consisted of as much light as possible, but more and more restaurateurs are turning to smarter restaurant lighting. The reason is that smarter lighting solutions allow you to create the atmosphere you want your guests to experience when visiting your restaurant.

How to use lighting to create the right atmosphere

Light Style

The best LED lighting for both restaurants and bars is a warm and subdued atmosphere. Effect and decorative lighting help create and personalize your lighting style.


The ceiling lighting is typically a suspended lamp, or a discreetly built-in spot. These have the power to illuminate a larger area with just a few fixtures, without dazzling.


Spot lighting is used to highlight a particular feature or architecture of the restaurant / bar. It can include LED lights from floors, walls or columns.

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