LED Road and Street Lighting

Many believe that the illumination required to illuminate a road must be specifically designed for this purpose. The reality is actually the opposite, as much of the lighting you see along streets and alleys is of the same type as the one you have in the kitchen.

You can choose to have a whole new LED street and road lighting installed, but we also have several retrofit products that can be installed directly in the socket of your current street lighting.

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Street Lighting

4 advantages with LED


LEDs have a much lower need for maintenance because LED fixtures are more robust, rugged and have a longer life span than traditional street lamps as well as light poles.

with LED

By replacing existing road and street lighting with LEDs, you avoid having to replace light sources frequently. It can be both time consuming and a costly expenditure.


LED uses less power to emit a similar or even higher amount of light. Therefore, LED lighting is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.


With LED, you get high brightness and a far more energy efficient lighting, as LED lights emit more light for fewer watts.

Energy efficient Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Roads and Streets

Of course, there are minor deviations, as road lighting is typically placed high up in the air for the purpose of illuminating a larger area of the road, which is why the brightness itself should be then as well. At Lumega, we develop LED replacements for traditional street lighting, which will ensure any municipality with great savings and a drastic reduction in maintenance. Road and street lighting solutions also have to be more rugged than the usual LED luminaire as they are automatically exposed to a harsher environment. Low and high temperatures, as well as dust and moisture, all contribute to sliding on the LED luminaire.


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