Road/Street Lighting

Many believe that the products needed to light up a roadway or a tunnel, have to be specifically manufactured for that purpose. The reality is actually the exact opposite, as many of the lighting sources you see along the roadway, is of the same type as the one you have in your bathroom.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting solutions for Roads, Streets, Pathways, and Lanes

Of course, being installed several meters above the ground requires some brightness and luminosity, if the light is to illuminate a respectable area. At Lumega, we develop LED street light bulb replacements, which will provide the district or municipality with massive energy savings and a drastic cut in maintenance, compared to traditional lighting sources. Road and tunnel lighting fixtures will though differ from the traditional LED fixtures in your home on parameters like robustness and ruggedness. Being installed outdoor makes LED street lighting a subject to rough environments. Very cold and very hot temperatures will, along with moisture and dust, wear the fixture more quickly, than if it was installed indoor.

Choose Lumega to be your LED street light manufacturer, and you are guaranteed rugged products, with high luminosity without compromising the energy efficiency. We have several retrofit luminaires in stock, ready to be installed in your original streetlight mounts.