School Lighting

Create the Future for Children and Young People through Lighting

Studies clearly show that the technology of LED improves the sense of well-being, quality of life and productivity. Many companies have already chosen to replace old lighting installation with LEDs.Children and young people spend many hours inside theclassroom each day, often in poorly lit rooms that do not enhances learning. Especially ceiling lighting in schools and educational institutions, are dominated by traditional fluorescent lamps, which are inherently unhealthy for the environment and the mental well-being of people. Poor or incorrect lighting can irritate people’s eyes, cause headaches and have a negative impact that neither benefits the learning curve nor the children.

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Why is Quality Lighting in School a Great Idea?

Better Condition

The right light affects energy levels, mood and health. The right amount of light provides better conditions and make it easier for children, young people as well as teachers.

Save 50%

The use of daylight sensors maximizes the potential. Adjust the light as needed and in empty classrooms the light automatically switched off, which can minimize energy consumption by 50%

Enhance Learning

Light can positively affect learning. Analyzes show that children do have a higher performance in dynamic light at 6500K

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