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School Lighting

School Lighting

School lighting strengthens teachers working conditions and students learning environment with energy-efficient lamps

With greater demands on quality and the way light contributes to well-being in schools, intelligent lighting has become popular with the municipalities within a short time.

Professional partner to install the perfect school lighting

Children and young people spend a large amount of time indoors in poorly lit classrooms, which can be both annoying to the eyes and lower the way learning is strengthened. We have experienced that school and education buildings often have traditional fluorescent tubes installed that can in no way offer what LED technology can. Traditional lighting can be unhealthy for the environment, and affect mental well-being in humans, thus sluggish development for good learning and work efficiency. We at Lumega Group provide environmentally friendly lighting solutions that are adapted to your needs. We have more than 10 years of experience in developing and supplying LED quality lighting for schools at great prices.

Why quality lighting in schools is a great idea?

Old or new?

For energy renovation we inspect existing school lighting. If it is new construction, we need drawings or revised files to create the desired output.

Light design

Our lighting designers will prepare a report with a visual insight into how the lighting will look in practice before installation.

install lamps

We can supply a complete system and coordinate installation of the lamps. This way you avoid spending unnecessary time.

New light & service

Most often, a lighting solution can be repaid within 2-4 years. It may vary depending on the existing lighting and operating time.


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