Shop/Retail Lighting

The right lighting in the retail sector is absolutely vital. The right appearance of your shop and your products can actually cause a boost in sales and revenue. If the lighting is of poor quality without strategic thought of placement, your shop will appear unprofessional. This text seeks to explain the dos and don’ts of retail lighting.

Initially, who are we to give this kind of advice? We at Lumega have years of experience in developing, producing and delivering LED solutions for shops and other retail businesses of all sorts. We are often called out to help design and plan the right LED solution for both high-end clothing chains and small local florist shops. Many shops still have traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen spots installed, which is a huge mistake, not only for the sake of the utility bill and the environment but also for the shop’s customers. Traditional lighting sources convert a lot of their source of light, into a source of heat, making the shops too hot to handle for some customers. Instead of turning the air-conditioning up and using, even more, electricity, we recommend replacing them with shop LED light bulbs.

The latest LED technology does not only save you money on your utility bill but does also have sales-boosting effects. With the right color temperature, making the customers feel welcome and happy, and customer guidance through strategic placement of high-quality LEDs can actually increase the sales in your shop.