Shop/Retail Lighting

The right lighting in stores is extremely important. Did you know that with the right appearance of your store and products through lighting, you can increase sales? If the lighting is of poor quality, and the location of it is also not strategically well considered, your store may, on the other hand, appear unprofessional.


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LED Lighting Gives 3 Major Advantages


The latest LED technology will thus not only save you money on the electricity bill, but also have a promotional effect. With the right temperature and color temperature in the light, your customers will feel welcome.


Shop lighting can be strategically placed, directing your customers to wherever you want them to go and highlighting the products you want customers to see - without them noticing!

with LED

Traditional sources emit large amounts of heat. It can make it unbearable to be in the store for an extended period of time. You’ll achieve savings with LED and shouldn’t reduce the heat with a lot of air conditioning.

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Lighting from High-end to Local Shops

At Lumega we have many years of experience developing, producing and supplying LED solutions for stores. We often design, plan and deliver the right LED lighting solution with the retail industry - from high-end clothing stores to local florists, nationally as well as internationally.