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Shop/Retail Lighting

LED Store Lighting can help boost sales

“In a digitalized world where webshops are moving fast, store owners are forced to rethink their opportunities to increase revenue, maintain loyalty and enhance customer experience in the physical stores. Here, LED store lighting can be an important step that will make the products look more inviting and ensure the right appearance. With Lumegas store lighting you will be able to get customized solutions for the benefit of employees, customers and your store. It will be sustainable and energy efficient lighting, which will minimize operating costs as well as provide energy savings, often with a short repayment period.”

LED lighting in many forms – everything from spots, rails to suspended fixtures

We have many years of experience designing, developing and delivering store lighting, regardless of size or location.

Why use spots and rails?
If you want to give specific products extra focus, such as new items, with spotlights you can direct guests to that particular place in the store. We offer different types of store spots , but with our NS70 you can fix the lamp to the rail, mount it directly in the ceiling and you will be able to reposition the lamp if needed. It is a type of lighting that is good to use to illuminate a larger area of ​​the store. You can choose to install suspended fixtures in a supermarket where you would like to have a lot of light on refrigerated counters or at larger exhibitions in a clothing store.

Why the right store light is a good idea?

Increase sales

With efficient store lighting and LED technology, you can save money and minimize consumption. With the right color temperature and light level, the products will appear more attractive and can promote sales.


"It is important to place the stores lights strategically and direct guests attention to specific locations. This allows you to highlight the items you would like more focus on - without the guest noticing."


The traditional light sources emit a large amount of heat, which requires high demands on air conditioning and consumption. With LED, stores can get a cost-effective solution and minimize costs.

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