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Shopping Malls Lighting

Shopping Mall Lighting with LED

The purpose of the lighting is not only to illuminate a shopping mall but to create the best conditions for shop owners, employees and to give customers a good experience and make them want to return next time. In recent years, mall lighting has been less explosive than the development in other segments. That is why we would like to invalidate switching to LED should not be a financial obstacle but an investment that provides value for money.


Attract and Retain Customer with LED

LED offers significant advantages, which is a way for malls to attract and retain customers. You will not only create a cozy
indoor atmosphere but create a completed style by making the outdoor facades inviting. Only your imagination sets the limits!

3 Types of Lighting for the Mall

Parking Areas

The basic idea is to create the good customer experience, including good parking. Parking facilities often consist of a natural and artificial light to inform and guide customers to and from the mall safely.


Passages, corridors and escalators are the main traffic areas that connect the shops. Flexible architecture is key, where lighting ties design elements together and creates a unique atmosphere.

Shop Lights

The right lighting in front of and inside the shops is of great importance for branding and sales. Try implementing a solution that benefits all parties. LED gives high performance, flexibility and great savings.

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