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LED Stairway Lighting

Are you looking for good stairway lighting for your business or maybe a stairway in public areas? Then youre in the right place.

Are you looking for good stair lighting for your business, residential construction or maybe for a staircase in public? Then you are well on your way. At Lumega, we have made it our most important task to create functional and modern lighting for your stairs. Every day we help larger and smaller companies with their lighting. The importance of a well-lit staircase is not to be mistaken.

Lighting with an eye for the user

When choosing lighting for stairs, think about the user. Maybe it’s different people at all times of the day who use the stairs? It is essential that the stairs are illuminated with the right color temperature, so that everyone can use the stairs safely. We have experience in helping a wide segment of customers – including everything from contractors with large residential buildings to private companies that have stairs in their domicile. Everything within public institutions is also an area we cover.

Intelligent LED lighting

LED lighting has always been the easiest light source to control. Therefore, with the latest light control, there are many opportunities to get even better comfort in stairwells, which increases safety and achieves wildly high energy savings. In selected lamps for stairwells, Lumega can implement light control, which communicates with each other. When there is movement on one of the floors, the light will turn on – and not only during the movement, but the rest of the lamps will turn on 100%. From here, after the movement has stopped, they will dim the light to e.g. 20% – This brings major energy savings, but without compromising security.

Too little light can end in personal injury and litigation

We design the lighting system so that it meets the latest European requirements within lighting technical considerations, but at the same time the electrical technical ones. There are many safety check points before the stairs can be used. For years back, many types of lamps could be used in stairwells, but as soon as it is residential construction, hotels, office domiciles or stairs in public areas, there must be full focus on compliance with all safety requirements, because if they are not and the labor inspectorate comes out and take measurements afterwards, or on another if can document that the personal injury occurred due to too little light or something, it will be the company or institution that receives the fine for not living up to the standards. If there is any doubt as to whether the stairs are well lit, then it rarely is. Here, a professional should come out and take measurements to determine if the lighting delivers up to the latest lighting standards.

4 Advantages of Stairway Lighting

Safety First

Stairway lighting enhances safety and ease of use. Good lighting makes it easy for everyone to move up the stairs and reduces the risk of falling.


et design and functionality go hand in hand. With smart LED you get intelligent lighting in a modern design that facilitates both every day and working life.


The right lighting can save you a great deal of energy. In fact, built-in motion sensors can save you up to 70% of your energy consumption.

Think Green

With automatic LED lighting, the light goes out completely by itself. No movement, no light - it saves our climate and makes the globe greener.

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