Strip Lighting

LED tape lights have within a short period of time become very popular due to the flexibility of the strips and the ability to fit them almost everywhere. The market has, due to the popularity, been fluctuated with countless manufacturers that put quantity over quality. Here’s what to look out for.

The difference between LED strip lighting manufacturers

At Lumega Lighting, we indeed endorse the rise of popularity of the LED strips. What we do not endorse though, is the manufacturers that produce the infamous strips on the cheap. Some manufacturers exploit the popularity and put out-dated LED technology in their strips, which will be less reliable and more energy consuming than strips with all-new technology. There have also been cases where manufacturers ‘tune’ their LEDs to give them a brighter stream of light. This little trick will decrease the LEDs lifespan drastically.

The LED tape light kits in Lumega's product portfolio are only of high quality. We use Samsung LEDs in our solutions, with no tricks or tweaks. The Samsung LEDs in Lumega's solutions will give you approximately 20 % longer lifespan and are about 10-15 % more energy efficient than other LED strips on the market. We test every product in our product portfolio, to ensure you the best quality of the market.