Test of LEDs

At Lumega, we try to differ from the competition by offering LED products of exceptional quality with a strict attention to detail. But how do we make sure that the quality we preach is also the quality we deliver? We will tell you how:

How to Test LED Lights with a Multimeter

There are no simple go-to methods in how to test a LED bulb. In the final stages of the development process of our products, we send our products to an impartial and unbiased organization that tests and checks them on several parameters. These thorough tests are carried out by organizations like the Technological Institute of Denmark, which explains that there is no easy way to test LEDs. After receiving our products, researches will expose the LED fixture to things like extreme cold and hot temperatures, while examining the fixture’s reaction. The tests will also determine the quality of the light and give an estimated lifespan.

We make sure that these tests are carried out on every single one of our products, to ensure you the highest possible quality. The tests mean that when we refer to our products as ‘rugged’, ‘energy efficient’ or ‘of high quality of light’, we have an unbiased organization’s word for it.