Tube Lighting

Changing your old fluorescent tubes to a LED tube light retrofit solution has more benefits than just being energy efficient. At Lumega, our product portfolio contains several high quality LED products and solutions, including LED tubes with the highest energy efficiency in the market. Let us brief you about the benefits!

Changing from fluorescent tubes to LED tube lights

The aforementioned energy efficiency is inevitable when talking about LED tube light fixtures, and LED technology in general. Lumega's LED tubes, e.g. the NS20 or NS22, use MGT (Mint Green Technology) that assures the highest energy efficiency in the market. The mint green technology in our LED tubes will save you approximately 60-75 % in energy/wattage use. Another benefit you will get when replacing a fluorescent tube with an LED tube is directional lighting. A fluorescent tube will illuminate 360 degrees, where a LED tube enables you to illuminate the exact area you need. 150-degree diffusion of light gives you better light quality and eliminates the issue of the tube consuming energy by illuminating an area you cannot see (behind the tube).

The retrofit LED tubes in Lumega's product portfolio are moreover directly implementable in the original fluorescent tube fitting, without any alterations at all. When the LED tube is installed, you will also not have to give your installation much thought, as a LED tube will have a much longer lifespan than a fluorescent tube. The long lifespan is a result of the thermal plastic on the rear, which guarantees you a minimum of five years lifespan.