LED Warehouse Lighting

Traditional lighting is often expensive in operation, has a higher energy level and requires more maintenance. It has therefore become popular for both distribution centers and warehouses, to think greener and here LED is an obvious option.

Take Advantage of the LED Technology

We believe that LED will be the preferred light source in the future. With this solution you have the opportunity to benefit from the great advantages LED offers. Many have, unfortunately, got a misunderstanding for the economic aspect of LED lighting. You need to look at it as a smart investment for your warehouse, as you will ultimately minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs, that will give you significantly lower electricity bills and better resource utilization.


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3 Advantages of LED Warehouse Lighting

Create Safety

Warehouse lighting creates greater security. With our natural and uniform LED lighting, you avoid dark shadows and harmful flicker in your warehouse. It creates great security for your employees.

Long lifespan

LED lighting has a long lifespan and far lower maintenance costs than traditional light sources. Once you have implemented LED light, you can be assured of a flexible and energy-efficient warehouse light that lasts for a long time.

Save Up
to 70%

With the right lighting, you can save a great deal of energy. In fact, warehouse lighting with motion sensors that automatically adjust the lighting as needed can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%.

Some of our Cases

Affaldplus Ringsted

Lumega installed several lighting concepts with motion sensors both indoors and outdoors. It was a solution that helped minimize energy level as much as possible since many visit the recycling station each day.

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Copenhagen Fire Station

The new LED lighting for the halls has helped improve the quality of light and created a better working environment. In addition, the solution has a repayment period of only 2 years and must first be replaced in 20 years.

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Intelligent lighting = Smart Investment

The LED technology has developed much over the past few years. Typically, we see that, for example, companies has installed fluorescent lamps at the ceiling, which illuminates the room, but LED lighting is much more than that. With the right lenses that spread the light and the right steering, you have the option of installing what we call intelligent lighting. It is a system that connects to an intelligent system where you can control whether the light should be turned up or down when activity is changing in a room, eg. when people go to lunch.